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About our club

Horley Photographic Club was formed in March 1958 when members were processing negative films to produce black and white prints.  Although a small number of photographers have shown an interest in the chemistry, most of today’s photographers use a mobile phone or an SLR camera using digital software.

Our small friendly club runs challenges and competitions during the season which runs from September to the end of May. Challenges are scored and discussed by members while competitions are judged by our county judges.

We also have speakers on a variety of photographic subjects, workshop evenings with ideas to improve our picture taking and trips out so that members can share their knowledge and give help ‘in the field’.

We don’t insist on instant membership. We’d love to see you, your camera and a few of your shots and see what you think. The door is open!

We meet 8pm Wednesday evenings September to May at Strawson Hall, Albert Road, Horley Surrey, RH6 7HZ (See More/Contact details for a map/email)

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